May 2020 Income Report

May 2020 was an insane month for bloggers. We’d just been hit in April with the news that Amazon was slashing its commissions, Coronavirus was in full force … and then comes the May 4 update.

May 4 Google Update hit Site 1

Site 1 did take a hit from the update, but it was not as bad as many I’ve heard from. My rank tacker (SerpRobot) tells me I lost 8 pages out of the Top 3 spots. You can see that in the contrast between my Rank Tracker’s “Top 3 Spots” between April and May:



So I did see a hit – a fall of an average of 8 spots on the SERPs, but it seems the pages that are the big revenue drivers weren’t hit.

One factor that clouded the data on this was that in the first week of may I had one page that was trending on Google. A topic hit the news that this page was perfect for, so I actually saw my first ever 10,000 visitor day in May.

Since, my visits have settled back down to the 4,800 visitors a day range for Site 1.

Site 2 is still in the growth stage and didn’t seem to take any hits at all. Good news.

Site 1 Income Still Grew

Here’s a quick run-down of how Site 1 fared this month:

  • Age: 14 Months
  • Traffic this Month: 207,000 sessions / 237,000 PVs
  • Display Ad Income: $1281
  • Display Ad EPMV: $6.63
  • Amazon Affiliate Income: $114
  • Other Affiliate Income: $41
  • Total Revenue: $1436

This is likely to be the best month I’ll see for Site 1 for a long time, traffic-wise at least. That trending article in the first month of May really put some gasoline on the fire.

EPMV is low though, and I expect to see it pick up as we come out of the pandemic – so I’m hoping EPMV growth will offset the drop in traffic. I’m predicting to fall to about 160,000 sessions in June.

Here’s some screenshot proof of Site 1’s performance for the month.

Site 1 Traffic:

Site 1 Ezoic Display Ad Revenue:

Site 1 Amazon Affiliate Revenue:

Site 2 Income Doubled

Site 2 is on the up. I’m really pleased with its growth, but I know there’s so much more potential there. If I can just get a few high income-earning pages up into the top 3 in the SERPs, this site can really grow into something big. I’m dreamily thinking about getting this one up to $1,500 a month by the end of the year. That’d be really nice – but it’s a stretch.

  • Age: 10 Months (4 since content push)
  • Traffic this Month: 5260 session / 6900 PVs
  • Amazon Affiliate Income: $330
  • Total Revenue: $330

It says above “4 since content push” because I had the site sitting there with 6 articles and just ageing for 6 months. So I think that $330 is pretty nice considering I haven’t really had much content on the site until 4 months ago.

I’d love to see the traffic growing substantially in the coming few months.

Here’s some screenshot evidence for Site 2.

Site 2 Traffic:

Site 2 Amazon Affiliate Revenue:

Total Revenue was $1766

In May 2020, I made $1766 blogging. I’m sensitive that soon I’ll be overexposed to Amazon once Site 2 reaches its full potential, but I’m not there yet:

Ongoing Expenses were About $250/mo

I’m not quite up to sharing my expenses yet, but they come to around about $250 for hosting and Ezoic Premium fees. On top of that, I spent some money on outsourcing some of my blogging activities – I’d guess that would add up to another $400 or so. I’ll try to get the expenses side of the ledger a little more organized in coming months.

Final Thoughts – An Uncertain Future

Overall, I can’t complain about May. It was my best month yet. I see both opportunity and threats on the horizon. I’ll be starting up a new affiliate site next month and building a little more on Site 1 with a cluster of low competition high volume keywords I’ve found that I think will fit nicely on that site.

More on these developments to come in future income reports.

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