My Boring Low Yield YouTube SEO Play

At the moment, I’m working on building passive income recurring revenue from evergreen YouTube videos.

The math is something like this:

  • $3 per video per month
  • 2000+ videos

When I tell my friends about this, I get a very (very) common response:

“Dude, that’ts a lot of effort for not much reward.”

I completely agree.

So, why would I torture myself with this?

It’s the Lifestyle, Stupid.

When people ask me what my long-term medium-term goal is, I generally say:

“I want $4 million in index funds by the time I’m 40.

And I stand by it.

But if we peel away the ego and twitter-bro aspiration of it all, my real goal is something a little different…

I want to enjoy the work. And I won’t compromise on that.

In Other Words

I don’t want to have to:

  • Take calls
  • Talk to people
  • Get to the desk at 9am OR ELSE
  • Work on projects I don’t enjoy
  • Feel like I’m on a hampster wheel

How YouTube SEO fits my Goals

My current evergreen YouTube SEO play fits my goals because:

  • I don’t have to talk to anyone
  • I quite enjoy the process
  • Once the content is created, I move on … I don’t feel like I’m on a hampster wheel.
  • I can do it at my own pace.

So while the ROI might not be huge…

It fits my lifestyle goals perfectly.


Therefore, I’ve ruled out a lot of ideas, including higher-revenue plays.

I’ve ruled out ideas like:

  • Facebook traffic niche site (hampster wheel to the max)
  • Service business (talking to people)
  • Employee life (lack of time freedom)
  • Newsletter business (a real grind)

But There’s One Other Option.

I like the idea of starting a YouTube channel that’s monetized through info products.

I even know the info product.

And the RPM would be way more than my current $3 RPM from AdSense.

It’d be closer to $80, I think.

Level Up, Then?

I’m not going to abandon this project.


If I can make this project a little more systematized and “passive”,

I think I’ll level up to trying to sell info products on YouTube.

To get there, I need to create a real tight set of SOPs for this project. ASAP.

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