Sponsorship Opportunities

I offer sponsorships to brands targeting website creators (e.g. SAAS products, content writing services, SEO tools).

Sponsorship Options

  • Product Features on YouTube: Have your product featured on a standalone YouTube video.
  • YouTube Video Sponsorship: 30-second sponsorship spot on one or more YouTube videos (discounts for rolling sponsorship).
  • Podcast Sponsorship: 30-second sponsorship spot on a podcast episode(discounts for rolling sponsorship).
  • Email List Banner Ads: Banner Ad on an email blast (discounts for rolling sponsorship).


My Audience


  • 4,500+ current subscribers
  • Typical Views per Video: 1,000-2,500

Email List:

  • 500+ current subscribers


  • 250+ listens per episode across YouTube and Podcast networks.


Rates start at $300 per spot (discounts available for 4 or more sponsored videos).

If you want me to review your product or service, I will also need access to it in order to provide a genuine review.


chris – at – nichesafari – dot – com