4 Best Blog Writing Services (Actually Tested!)

I have tested the following content writing agencies to find out who is the best blog writing service for scaling your niche website:

  • BuySellText
  • Content Pit
  • My Content Pal
  • Content Wish

To test these article writing services, I asked each of them to write the exact same blog post:

“Are Blogs Considered Social Media?”

And, I’ll reveal those sample articles below for you so you can make your own mind up!

What is the Best Blog Writing Service?

I’m currently using BuySellText for my content outsourcing. I only use the 4c per word price point – the 2.5c per word content is usually not good enough.

However, as with most stuff in our industry, “…it depends…”.

I wouldn’t use BuySellText for my pillar content or product reviews. They’re not necessarily the best quality, but they suit a balance for me:

  • Good price point: It’s hard to go below 4c for agencies without compromising quality. Going higher gets too expensive when creating content in bulk.
  • Good content: You can block some writers and request your preferred writers, meaning you can really narrow-down to the agency’s best writers.

For premium and expertly written content, I tend to find my own writers who I can develop a longer-term relationship with. I find my premium “expert” freelancers through UpWork.

List of Blog Writing Agencies Reviewed

ServicePriceQuick ReviewSample
BuySellText~4c per word– The 4c price point is good balance between price and quality.
– You can choose your own writers and block ones you don’t like.
– The writers are good at following instructions.
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Content Pit3.9 – 4.9c per word– Good quality for the price
– Bulk orders make it one of the most affordable options.
– Don’t get to choose your writer.
Sample coming soon
My Content Pal8c per word– Surfer optimized
– White glove personalized service
– Very willing to do edits
– Onboarding was time-consuming
Read Here
Content Wish3.9 – 4.9c per word– Well written
– Fast turnaround and no fuss
– Affordable if you buy in bulk
– Surfer optimization comes at an added fee
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Each Service Reviewed

1. BuySellText

chrisQuick Summary: “BuySellText has become my go-to content writing service. They’re affordable, fast, and let you choose your own writers.” – Chris

~4c per word

Sample Coming Soon

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As of writing this review, I’ve ordered 87 articles with BuySellText, and between the amount I’ve spent and the amount still in my kitty, I’ve thrown over $7,000 their way.

my buy sell text dashboard

The one thing I’d stress is you’ve got to dig into those pockets and pay for the 4c tier.

I first ordered from BST back in 2020 on the recommendation of Shaun Marrs. I ordered the 2.5c tier, and didn’t order again for almost 2 years … I wasn’t happy with the quality.

But I took a gamble and tried them out again in 2022 at the 4c rate and haven’t looked back. The 4c writers were significantly better.

In fact, I was so happy with the depth of research and quality of writers that I pivoted from Content Pit to BuySellText as my choice for best blog writing service.

The other thing I think is awesome about BuySellText is you can choose your writers and block writers you don’t like, so the longer you stick with them, the more you can narrow down your writer pool to only their best writers.

BuySellText ProsBuySellText Cons
1. The 4c rate is a good price point for the quality you get.1. The 2.5c tier is no good – they should just ditch it.
2. You can get small bulk discounts.2. Sometimes articles sit in the ‘to do’ pile for up to a week.
3. You can see who wrote your piece and request/block writers.3. A small few of the writers are not great – you’ll have to block them.
4. The writers nearly always read and follow the instructions / SOPs you provide for them.4. Canadians – you’ll have to pay 5% GST at checkout.

2. Content Pit

chrisQuick Summary: “Content Pit was my go-to service for a for a few months, and I still think they’re quite good. I do prefer BuySellText over them though, for reasons outlined below.” – Chris

3.9c – 4.9c per word

Sample Coming Soon

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Content Pit is my close runner-up to BuySellText. They’re comparable in price and quality.

When I first started placing orders with them, I’d have said their quality actually runs a little better than BST’s. But for my most recent orders, the quality did fall off a little.

The other reasons I pivoted from Content Pit to BuySellText were:

  • Writer Selection: You can choose your writers with BuySellText (you see who wrote your content and can block bad writers), you can’t with Content Pit.
  • Return Speed: The content is returned as it’s completed, whereas Content Pit only returns it in batches.

With that said, I’d probably recommend that if you had the funds, place a 10,000-word order with both Content Pit and BuySellText and see for yourself which is best. That’s probably the only way you’ll really know which is best for you.

Content Pit ProsContent Pit Cons
1. The 3.9c rate for bulk content is a good price point for the quality you get.1. You can’t choose your writer or block writers you don’t like.
2. If you land one of their premium writers, the content is superb.2. The turnaround time is a bit long for my liking.
3. Youssef (Joe), the owner, really goes above and beyond to ensure people are happy.3. For smaller orders, BuySellText is cheaper.

3. My Content Pal

chrisQuick Summary: “My Content Pal are a premium service (expect good output), but they’re too expensive to be my go-to service.” – Chris

The differentiating factors of My Content Pal are:

  • The white glove service provided, and
  • Expectation of high-quality at the 8c price point.

This means you can ask for reviews and expect high quality.

Here’s what I found:

  • Content that’s generally a little better than BuySellText’s 4c price point
  • The content manager will work with you personally to onboard you, manage edits, and so on.
  • They’re very happy to do edits until you’re happy with it.
  • The content is Surfer optimized for you.

The main downside is the price point. I can’t justify that price point for anything but pillar content. And for pillar content, I’d rather hire experts from UpWork and they’re usually more than happy to work at 8c a word.

My Content Pal ProsMy Content Pal Cons
1. Surfer SEO optimized.1. Higher price point than I’d like.
2. White-glove onboarding and management.2. Sub-headings that didn’t match search intent.
3. Attentive to revision requests.3. Final edits were still required on my end for all pieces.
4. Thoroughly researched and high-quality outbound links.4. You don’t get to select your own preferred writers.

Go Deeper:

4. Content Wish

chrisQuick Summary: “Content wish offers a competitive price point for bulk orders, which makes them pretty appealing if you publish at scale.” – Chris

From 3.9c per word

With Content Wish, a test order is 4.9c per word, but a 50,000 word bulk order comes in at 3.9c, which is comparable to my two main providers – Content Pit and BuySellText.

They use your bulk standard client portal and didn’t offer any white-glove offering: you log in, you place your order, you wait a few days, it turns up.

For the loner introverted niche site creator, that’s great. So complaints from me.

I only placed one order with Content Wish, which you can view here, so that’s what I’m judging my review on.

For this piece, I was actually pretty impressed. It was written in a nice conversational style and the writer managed to do a decent job of thinking it through: they looked at what social media is, decided whether a blog matched that definition, and gave a pretty nuanced answer to the question. Job done.

But, I’ve got to say, the first sentence of the piece doesn’t compel me to keep reading. They’re no Malcolm Gladwell:

“There’s a lot of confusion about what is and isn’t a social media platform.”

I’d be editing that into something more punchy, for sure.

Content Wish ProsContent Wish Cons
1. The piece I received was thoughtfully written.1. You can’t choose your writers.
2. Simple and familiar dashboard for placing orders.2. No personalized service or onboarding.
3. If you order in bulk, the price point comes down to BuySellText’s rate.3. Small orders are more costly than competitors like Content Pit and BuySellText.
4. They offer unlimited revision requests (I haven’t made any requests for revisions, though).

Read this Conclusion – Seriously.

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